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  • fiber optic stars and crystals in sauna
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SSC150 Fiber Optic Sauna Star Ceiling Kit

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  • Description

    The Fiber Optic Sauna Star Ceiling Kits

    are safe for use in wet and humid areas as no heat or electricity is present in the fibre optics or fittings, but the illuminator which contains the electricity, must be located outside the main sauna or steam room.

    The SSC150 sauna star ceiling kit comprises of 150 tails @ 13.1′ , 1.0mm dia glass fibre sheathed,  150 white bezel fittings and Microled 100T LED illuminator which features bright white light output combined with a twinklewheel, all contained in a surprisingly small package. Just plug in and go – no user operation required.


    The LED Microled 1000 illuminator, a tiny 7 colour generator which is completely controlled by two buttons on the rear of the unit. Featuring multiple operation modes including static color and color cycling at a choice of three speeds. Estimated LED life 50000 hours

    The LED Microled 4000 illuminator with touch sensitive remote control allowing a range of configurable color cycling options which can be run at a choice of speeds. Estimated LED life 50000 hours

    see Downloads for additional information on illuminators and installation instructions.

  • Additional Information

    Microled 100, Microled 100T, Microled 1000, Microled 4000 with remote control

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