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SS112 +1 Star Ceiling Kit

From: $215.00

  • Description

    The SS112 +1 star ceiling kit has the same number of stars as the SS112 but we have extended the tail lengths by 1m to allow more flexibility with the generator location. The fiber lengths range from 7.4′ up to 9.8′. It comes as standard with a 35w tungsten halogen generator with constant colorchange or twinkle effect but has the upgrade options below:

    Choose from;

    the standard kit with 35w tungsten halogen generator with colorwheel or twinklewheel. Estimated lamp life 5000 hours.

    or upgrade the generator to:

    The new energy efficient Microled 100T generator, a tiny LED generator, white light with twinke effect. Estimated LED life 50000 hours.

    The new energy efficient LED Microled 1000 generator, a tiny 7 colour generator which is completely controlled by two buttons on the rear of the unit. Featuring multiple operation modes including static color and color cycling at a choice of three speeds. Estimated LED life 50000 hours

    The new energy efficient LED Microled 4000 generator with touch sensitive remote control allowing a range of configurable color cycling options which can be run at a choice of speeds. Estimated LED life 50000 hours

    see Downloads for additional information on generators and installation instructions.

  • Additional Information
    Light Source

    35w tungsten halogen, Microled 100T, Microled 1000, Microled 4000 with remote control

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