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CWD6B Fiber Optic Downlight Kit

From: $856.00

  • Description

    Colors influence the way we feel mentally and physically. Purple has a relaxing calming effect, ideal for preparing to sleep, while yellow  is mentally stimulating making us feel more awake.

    The colorwash downlight kit can be both decorative and therapeutic with the ability to continuously change the color of your bathroom , bedroom or living space.

    With the option to fix on white light and with directional and highly focusable fittings, this kit is also particularly suited to display lighting such as within shelving or alcoves.

    The CWD6B Fiber Optic Downlight Kit comes as standard with a 100w tungsten halogen generator with 2 plugs, one feed to power the lamp and the second feed to stop and start the colorwheel, switching from static color to a gentle continuous colorchange cycle. 6 tails from 4’11 up to 13’1  and a choice of end fittings in a choice of colors.

    Upgrades available:

    The new energy efficient LED Microled 4000 generator with touch sensitive remote control allowing a range of configurable color cycling options which can be run at a choice of speeds. Estimated LED life 50000 hours

    150w metal halide generator with separate feed on colorwheel for maximum light output. Estimated lamp life 6000 hours.

  • Additional Information
    Light Source

    100W Tungsten, MicroLED 4000 with Remote Control (+$190.00), 150W Metal Halide (+$320.00)

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